Note the following official verbiage which must be on your syllabus for History 190:

Course Title: History 190, Writing and History

Course Description:

Hist 190 fulfills the College Writing 2 requirement and builds on the work of English 110 (College Writing 1), in order to teach the conventions of writing in the discipline of history. Special attention will be paid to problems of evidence, argument, and authority.  Concentrating on one historical theme, students consider a discrete set of primary and secondary sources and practice analyzing sources and constructing arguments in clear, correct, and formal academic prose.

This course satisfies the Pathways requirement for College Writing 2. The only prerequisite for this course is English 110.

This course is NOT required for the history major, but is highly recommended to serve as your 3-credit history elective

(You can add to this the description for your course theme.)

CUNY statement on use of student work:

All programs in New York State undergo periodic reviews by accreditation agencies. For these purposes, samples of student work are occasionally made available to those professionals conducting the review. Anonymity is assured. If you do not wish to have your work made available, please let me know before the start of the second class. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

You might want to insert into this notice your own statement about using student work in class, along these lines:

In addition, I may use particularly successful papers as examples for students in future classes.

QC statement on Academic Integrity:

The CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity (, as adopted by the Board, is available to all students. Academic dishonesty is prohibited in the City University of New York and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion.

To this you should add your statement on how plagiarism will affect course grades in your section of HIST 190, with something like this:

In this class, any paper that closely resembles material found on the internet or an essay by another student will be considered plagiarism and receive an F.  Plagiarism will be reported to the Academic Integrity Officer and may result in an F for the course.

An intensive tutorial on plagiarism is available here:

If you’re having trouble managing your workload, and/or do not fully understand what constitutes plagiarism, contact me or see a writing counselor in Kiely 229. Don’t cheat yourself out of your own education!

ADA compliance statement:

Students with disabilities needing academic accommodation should register with and provide documentation to the Office of Special Services, Frese Hall 111. The Office of Special Services will provide a letter for you to bring to your instructors indicating the need for accommodation and the nature of it. This should be done during the first week of class. For more information about services available to Queens College students, contact the Office of Special Services (718-997-5870) or visit their website (

Sample Syllabus:

Prof. Katherine Antonova, Fall 2017: 190-Fall2017-syllabus

Older sample syllabi (those who have taught before – please consider sending your syllabi to Kate for inclusion here!):

Prof. Katherine Antonova, Fall 2013: Fall2013-Syllabus
Prof. Peter Conolly-Smith, Fall 2013: HIST190ConollySmith

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