Kate Antonova has a course adoption text forthcoming from OUP (late 2019) that is ideally suited for teaching History 190 – contact her at katherine.antonova@qc.cuny.edu about getting an advance copy for you and a partial copy for student use in Fall 2019, before it comes out. Details here.



Other writing texts suitable for adoption for History 190:

Writing at Queens Handbook for students of CW1 and CW2

Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein, They Say / I Say
Booth, Colomb, & Williams, The Craft of Research

Martha Howell & Walter Prevenier, From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods

John H. Arnold, History: A Very Short Introduction


Texts about teaching writing that may be helpful for instructors:

Writing at Queens Handbook for instructors of CW1 and CW2

T. R. Johnson, ed., Teaching Composition: Background Readings

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